Vedic Mathrix (April 17-21, 2020)

Learn the elements of mathematics that lay hidden in music, dance, poetry and computer science. Unlike the Mathematics that is taught in school which has only 'one way' to solve a particular problem, Vedic Mathematics shows different ways to solve the same problem. This camp is for anybody 12 years and above.

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More About This Event:

This summer, Chinmaya International Foundation and the School of Vedic Maths bring you Vedic Mathrix 2020 camp from 17th to 21st April, 2020 at Adi Sankara Nilayam, the maternal birth home of Adi Sankaracharya. This camp is unique in its own way as it focuses on an inter-disciplinary study of Mathematics, Computer Science, Music & Poetry; which is one of a kind.

Vedic Mathematics is a branch of Mathematics which teaches pattern-observation and faster calculations. Its techniques work in a fantastic way which appears to be magic at the first glance. This feeling of wonder creates an interest in the student. Once the interest is created, he starts looking at the subject with a feeling of fun more than boredom. As a result, the number of problems he practices goes up without saying. Since there are different ways, when he faces a problem, he observes the problem and immediately starts thinking on the different ways of solving it. His brain spontaneously chooses the easiest way and starts computation. Thus, two great habits - Observation and Thinking, are developed in the child. Soon, it becomes his habit to Observe, Think and Analyze when faced by any problem (not just in Mathematics).


  • Mathematics in music and poetry
  • Evolution of Combinatorics in Indian tradition
  • Algorithms for listing arrays, powers of a number, binary sequencing, etc.
  • Ancient Indian coding systems (Katapayadi, Bhuta Sankhya)
  • Binary mathematics
  • History of Indian mathematicians, group discussions, debates, indoor and outdoor games

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Event Details

  • From
  • 17 April to 21 April
  • CIF, Adi Sankara Nilayam, Adi Sankara Marg, Veliyanad, Ernakulam - 682313

Camp Donation : INR 7080|US$ 177 (18% GST included) (Food and accommodation is included. AC rooms subject to availability)

Contact Details : Call us: +91 92077 11136 |+91 484 2747307
Email us:|

Topic : Ancient Indian Mathematics

Language : English

Age Bracket : 12 years and above

Course Facilitators

Sessions will be conducted by Vinay Nair, Co-founder of Raising a Mathematician Foundation (a not-for-profit organisation for the promotion of Mathematics) and Vichar Vatika. Along with CIF’s Vedic Mathematics course, he has also authored two books, namely, ‘The Teacher who Taught us to Think’ and ‘Journey to the Himalayas’. This is Vijay’s 11th annual residential Math summer camp at Adi Sankara Nilayam.

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